Please Join Us

Sherbrooke Palm Sunday Online Service
Sunday April 5 10:30 am

You can either join us with
1. your smart phone/computer (that way we can see/hear you and you can see/hear us),

2. or you can call us with a regular phone (and you will hear us and we can hear you).

Sherbrooke Palm Sunday Online Service

Sunday April 5 10:30 am 

At 10:15 am this Sunday, we will invite you to call in with your home phone to the number or click the ZOOM link you received from Kevin by email.

1. Devon will welcome us with a call to worship and we will sing one song together.  (The words will be on the screen.  For those with phones, we will email the words to you prior.)


  1. Then we will have our Sherbrooke Family Sharing Time.  Please plan ahead to share a verse or a prayer item, or share what Jesus is doing in and around you.


  1. Then we will have a Prayer for our tithes and offerings.


  1. Finally, we are happy to have Garry Janzen sharing a messageabout Palm Sunday.  (This will be live and not a link).

Message Title: “Palm Sunday: Who knew what was coming that week?”

Scripture: Matthew 21: 1-11


  1. After the message we will have a short invitation for those who wish to respond to the message.


  1. After we are dismissed from our online service, you will be given an option to stay on for an extra 15 minutes to chat togetheraround the online room.


  1. After dismissal, Devon will provide 3 more songlinks on our website that you can listen to at home after the service

For Worship Music.

Hosanna in the Highest
The Love of God
Forever Reign