Welcome to Sherbrooke Mennonite Church.

We are a diverse group of people that gather, not because we are alike, but because we want to learn more about Jesus, praise his name, and reach out to those in need – both in our church family and in our neighbourhood. Whether you have questions or answers, struggles or joy, worries or contentment, you are welcome here.

Exalt, Extend, Edify:

These three words embody our goal and purpose as a congregation of believers.  These words are captured in action by a wood carving collage in the sanctuary.

  • A woman reaching through a billow of smoke rising from the ashes of despair, extending her arm to someone in need.
  • Three trumpeters raising their horns towards heaven in joyful exaltation.
  • Men, women and children supporting one another both physically and spiritually, holding each other accountable in their daily walk and comforting one another in times of grief.

Our Staff

Kevin Barkowsky

Interim Pastor

Kevin began serving as Interim Pastor Aug 1, 2019.  He has 20 years pastoral experience and holds a MA in Christian Studies from ACTS.  He enjoys spending time with his family, as well as reading classic literature.  He has particular interest in the intersection between healthy spirituality and being healthy emotionally.

Yohan Sanchez

Community Pastor

Yohan has an amazing gift with serving our neighbours.  He runs our Thursday Refugee Food Bank, and serves with his ministry “No Man is an Island.”  He enjoys being with his family and serving the church.