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Sherbrooke Mennonite Church

Are you an English Language Learner?  10 am is our English is Service.

All Sermons are sent via email to our ELL community to help you follow along.   Our In-Person service has Spanish translation.  Korean is spoken occasionally during our English service, with English translation. The Korean group Bible study is Sundays at noon and is Korean language only.

All week long the people of Sherbrooke pay attention to the Spirit of Jesus in our lives, and then on Sunday 10 am, we gather together to respond in worship and wonder to what Jesus has been saying to us during the week.


Interactive and connected live to our In-Person service.  Be a part of our Zoom community, attend, talk and share with our community online at their homes.  

Sunday 10 am

Why so many languages?

Our vision is to become an International Mennonite Church, where international Mennonite students studying in Vancouver can gather together for support and encouragement in Jesus’ name.

There is always room for you at Sherbrooke.

Why Sherbrooke?

There are over 2 million Mennonites world wide.  84% of Mennonites do not speak English and do not live in North America or Europe.  The fastest growing Mennonite Churches are in the Southern Hemisphere.


At Sherbrooke we wish to be a beacon of Christ’s Global Community, and a hub for English Language Learning Mennonites living in Vancouver.  

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